imageAs we move through these slower days of summer, we know the responsibilities pressing on us. Yet it seems that the ability to move things along or to just simply “get stuff done” is just beyond our grasp.

Thinking about this reminded me of watching my Granddad on his farm at the breakfast table as he would quietly “mix a portion” of butter and sorghum, waiting for Grandma’s biscuits to come out of the oven. “But Granddad, the biscuits aren’t here yet!” I would cry. But sure enough, there was something amazing about the combination of those fresh, hot biscuits and the “portion” when it all came together.

Thinking about my Granddad’s forethought in preparing for a simple culinary treat, while things were quiet at the table (and I was just watching), reminded me of something Dr. Charles Stanley said:

“Lost opportunities cause erosion of confidence, and a downward spiral begins.”

What are the opportunities that you are missing—maybe it’s the donors you could be building relationships with, or the knowledge you could be gaining about their strong desire to be a part of something much bigger than themselves? How well do you really know your key supporters? How deeply have you involved them in what you are doing, (other than thanking them for their support?) Do you know what they are actually capable of doing for your ministry?

What Does It Take?

Perhaps what you are lacking right now is just a bit of guidance in the right areas. Just prior to a tournament, the golf legend Ben Hogan lamented:

“I am hitting the ball as ever I did, but I seem to have lost the knack of scoring.”

No one – golf champion, company president, or ministry leader – can ever say “I have learned the secret. I know just what it takes.” But we can have a good action plan in place.

To help you get a better idea of where to start with your fundraising possibilities, we have a tool available, called Donor Compass. Click here to learn more. These slow days provide a great opportunity to prepare yourself and your team—“before the biscuits come out,” before the activity builds--to bring about significant change for your ministry in the months to come.