Saying It Right, Getting Results

To your donor, your words matter.  When donors consider supporting or even increasing support to your ministry, be clear and make a deep connection. Strengthen your donor connections with Advocace’s MessageCheckSM.

MessageCheckSM increases donor response by testing your messaging with donors—before you spend money for expensive direct mail, broadcast or digital campaigns.  Grow donor support by building messages that connect—and makes your ministry investment in printing, postage, clicks and broadcast airtime.

With MessageCheckSM, see clear ways to increase return from your donors through:

  • Case for Support Testing. Is your case motivating and inspiring your donors, potential donors, and even lapsed donors?
  • Terminology. Donors say they are more comfortable significantly supporting ministries that use words they understand.
  • Themes. Is your fundraising theme connective with donors or merely creative?
  • Demographic. Donors of differing ages and backgrounds connect differently. How well does your ministry connect with the demographics you need for growth?
  • Vision Testing. Does the vision for your ministry inspire your donors to support?
  • Story/Testimony Testing. Do your stories capture the donor’s heart?
  • Passion Map. What are the donor interests that could open the door for deeper involvement?
  • Giving Capacity Option. How are donors of differing means motivated to give by your messages?

MessageCheckSM At Work

The ministry’s acquisition and cultivation efforts generated less than expected. They asked Advocace to discover why.

When asked, the ministry’s donors were very clear: the ministry’s words and phrases did not connect and seemed untrustworthy. Advocace discovered the ministry’s fundraising communications used terms that the donor misconstrued.

Advocace’s MessageCheckSM identified words that the found trustworthy so donors felt comfortable in their giving to the ministry.

Advocace’s MessageCheckSM helps you say it right and get results with your donors.

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