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Development Plan

Jerry Grimes: NRB Presentation Focuses on Increasing Major Gifts

“Ministries can significantly increase income by building an effective approach to engaging high capacity donors,” said Jerry Grimes, Senior Development Counselor, during his workshop Keys To Success With Major Gifts: Understanding the process, developing a strategy and measuring results. Attended by a packed room of ministry leaders, the session pointed out how to overcome the fear and inertia that block ministries from developing vibrant, effective and growing major gifts programs.   The presen ...Read more »

Webinar Drive Your Ministry’s Success: Three Principles of Development (Video)

If put on the spot, how would you answer the question: What is driving your ministry to greatness? In one sense, your ministry is successful by doing the work God called you to do, doing it effectively and efficiently. But your ministry also flourishes because of the support it receives, the support of people who generously donate their time, talents, and treasure. In order to do the work of ministry, you need to grow your base of support. That effort to grow the support for your ministry is called devel ...Read more »

Webinar: Turning Your Board Leadership Into Champions of Your Ministry (Video)

 Board leadership is vital in building a community around your cause which connects all your constituents: those who receive your services; those who do the work of your ministry; and those who provide the support for the continued flow of resources to your ministry. Those who serve on your ministry board cannot be detached form the work and people of your organization. Most importantly, board members must buy into the vision and personally and actively work for the ministry cause as volunteers, as su ...Read more »

Webinar: Transforming Your Ministry into a Community of Ongoing Support (Video)

What would it feel like if your ministry was supported by a vibrant community of passionate supporters all working to move your organization toward the same vision? That's why we are presenting Transforming Your Ministry into a Community of Ongoing Support--a free webinar for leaders of non-profit organizations this Thursday. (More details below.) This is the third webinar in the Advocace Development Academy Winter Term. There is a strong connection between the strength of your ministry community and ...Read more »

Advocace hosts "Raising Funds in 2013? Challenges and Opportunities" (video)

When it comes to your ministry, growth is not an option. It is a mandate. You have been called to be good and faithful stewards of the ministry God has set before you. To accomplish that work you need resources; in fact, a stream of continuous revenue. The challenge is particularly daunting in tough economic conditions. In fact, there are a number of factors at work which demonstrate that 2013 is a tough year for fundraising. You may even think these forces all conspire to make fundraising absolutely impo ...Read more »