BoardOfDirectors_HandRaisedBoard leadership is vital in building a community around your cause which connects all your constituents: those who receive your services; those who do the work of your ministry; and those who provide the support for the continued flow of resources to your ministry. Those who serve on your ministry board cannot be detached form the work and people of your organization.

Most importantly, board members must buy into the vision and personally and actively work for the ministry cause as volunteers, as supporters and as public advocates. The challenge is often how to approach and engage the board in dialogue about their role in realizing the vision of your  ministry. Advocace helps ministries connect board leaders to the work and vision of the organization through information, best practices of ministries, and through educational workshops and retreats.

What You’ll Take Away:

  • Major responsibilities of a dynamic board
  • The roles and responsibilities board members must embrace
  • Getting board members 'on board' with your organization
  • What do you do when your organization is a subdvision of a larger non-profit
  • Equipping board members to be effective leaders

You may view a video of the webcast here.

About Advocace

Advocace’s team of professional consultants helps its nonprofit clients build a community of support through a hands-on working partnership focused on fundraising, leadership and management strategies grounded in Biblical stewardship principles.