If your ministry had its annual check-up what would the diagnosis be?

From our decades of experience as nonprofit fundraising and development professionals we have identified five key elements--your ministry's vital signs--that characterize ministries with a track record of long-term success: beliefs, knowledge base, community, systems and leadership.

In Five Keys to Fundraising Success and Your Ministry's Long-term Growth, Advocace professionals share insights from our work at non-profit organizations from coast to coast.

Advocace Development Academy

What you will take away from this webinar:

  • How the shared beliefs of your ministry community are the foundation for success
  • What your ministry staff needs to know to drive the ministry’s financial success and how to educate them
  • How to transform your support network into a ministry community
  • How to be more productive and revenue positive with the same work force and work schedule (systems)
  • How to inspire your leadership to be more active in your ministry’s growth program

You may view a video of the webinar here.