COPPELL, TEXAS—Few industries change faster than radio broadcasting—and those changes have had a significant impact on current listener-supported Christian radio stations.

With the survey period now underway, The Christian Listener-Supported Radio Income Outlook 2014 will help radio leaders see the results of innovations in income development. The outlook seeks Christian radio stations of all formats and sizes to be a part of this far-ranging study. To participate in the study, Christian-formatted, listener-supported stations may contact

The first of its kind study will answer industry questions, including:

  • What sources of income are growing in emphasis and what sources are decreasing in emphasis among stations of similar income, similar audience reach and similar format?
  • What is a reasonable pledge fulfillment rate?
  • What is an industry standard revenue per listener?
  • Which donor payment method (pledges, on-line donations, monthly automated) is increasing income for listener-supported radio?
  • How do sources of income differ between listener-supported non-commercial and listener-supported commercial stations?
  • What is an approximation of donors as a percentage of weekly audience by station income, by audience size and by format?
  • How do station leaders anticipate fundraising changes in 2014?
  • What expected revenue per employee is appropriate for today’s listener-supported radio station?

With this study, station management and their board of directors will have be able to make decisions with the insight of other stations like theirs—in similar income, in similar format and in similar audience size,” Paul Martin, President of Advocace noted.

Michelle Younkman, Executive Director of Christian Music Broadcasters commented that the study will provide valuable, much-needed information for CMB Members.

“With the rise of competition for both the listener and the donor, CMB stations are seeking new ways to be even stronger influences in their communities.” Younkman said, adding that she foresees how this study will impact station growth, “Most stations have aspirations to reach more people in their communities, but that kind of outreach takes a lot of money. We believe this study will help our member stations make the decisions to grow income that will fund growth of the station’s influence.”

Station leaders received invitations for the survey today. CMB urges stations to respond quickly to the invitation.

“The results will be stronger with every station participating in the study so we ask station leaders to complete the survey shortly after you receive the invitation,” Younkman said.

The Christian Listener-Supported Radio Income Outlook 2014 will ask radio leaders for their opinions and station statistics in separate questionnaires. The two stages of the study will cover leadership perceptions and donation analysis.

Scheduled for spring 2014 release, all Christian Music Broadcasters members will receive an executive summary of the study at no cost. All participants in the study will receive a free copy of the complete study including executive summary, annotated report, tabulation and cross-tabs.

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