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A man in a blue Honda Civic stops at a red light. His gaze focuses forward as he tries to avert his eyes from the woman standing on the corner just a few feet away. While driving up to the light, he sees that the woman holds a sign. It says, “Please, help me feed my children.” Now, through his tinted sunglasses he glances out of the side of his eye and sees this desperate, exhausted, hopeless woman staring back at him. What will he do? He has two options—continue to ignore the woman or take action. Maybe his action step is to hand her a card with the information of a rescue mission.

Now is the time to create advocates, not just donors.

“Gospel-centered rescue missions are changing lives by changing lives, says Jerry Grimes, Advocace Vice President. When you help a person who is downtrodden or homeless…you are doing it in the name of Jesus Christ. When you turn their lives around and they’re transformed, their life change story can change someone else’s life when you share it. So, people in the community can be impacted by what you do even if they’re not one of your clients. I think that is the place to start in engaging donors around your vision.”

Join Advocace this Thursday, May 15 at Noon (CST) as Jeff Crabtree and Jerry Grimes discuss key findings from this study that can help more people hear about the work and need of rescue missions!



Key Fundraising Outcomes for Gospel Rescue Missions Webinar



This Thursday, May 15, 2014 at Noon (Central Time)






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