What a beautiful scene scripture paints in Acts 2:42-47. This kind of community is rarely seen now—believers selling possessions and giving up what they have to make sure those around them have enough. This is the way God intended the Christian community to work.

On Thursday, September 25 Advocace will hold a free, half day seminar called What Works in Fundraising: Pittsburgh. This event will provide great ideas based on sound, Biblical principles to help expand donor base and increase giving. There are even special breakout sessions perfect for executives, development staff and board members.

Advocace would like for nonprofits to reach their vision by involving donors in their community to work alongside them. By attending What Works in Fundraising: Pittsburgh, leaders will learn actionable ways to do that with their organization.

Seats are still available, so register here today!

Registration and information about What Works in Fundraising: Pittsburgh is also available from Advocace by phone at (972) 304-1100 or email by clicking here.