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Webinar: Five Keys to Fundraising Success and Your Ministry’s Long-Term Growth (Video)

If your ministry had its annual check-up what would the diagnosis be? From our decades of experience as nonprofit fundraising and development professionals we have identified five key elements--your ministry's vital signs--that characterize ministries with a track record of long-term success: beliefs, knowledge base, community, systems and leadership. In Five Keys to Fundraising Success and Your Ministry's Long-term Growth, Advocace professionals share insights from our work at non-profit organizations fr ...Read more »

Webinar: Turning Your Board Leadership Into Champions of Your Ministry (Video)

 Board leadership is vital in building a community around your cause which connects all your constituents: those who receive your services; those who do the work of your ministry; and those who provide the support for the continued flow of resources to your ministry. Those who serve on your ministry board cannot be detached form the work and people of your organization. Most importantly, board members must buy into the vision and personally and actively work for the ministry cause as volunteers, as su ...Read more »

Webinar: Defining Your Ministry’s Why: Where All Fundraising Begins (Video)

The foundation for any Christian organization is the cause to which it is dedicated--the very purpose for its existence, its “why.” Your “why” is the reason people connect with your ministry and support your work. Donors support ministries, not based on the work they do, but why they do the work. Donors support particular ministries because the staff of the ministry and the work they do reflect shared biblical and deeply-held personal values. It is imperative that everyone connected with your ministry under ...Read more »

Webinar: Transforming Your Ministry into a Community of Ongoing Support (Video)

What would it feel like if your ministry was supported by a vibrant community of passionate supporters all working to move your organization toward the same vision? That's why we are presenting Transforming Your Ministry into a Community of Ongoing Support--a free webinar for leaders of non-profit organizations this Thursday. (More details below.) This is the third webinar in the Advocace Development Academy Winter Term. There is a strong connection between the strength of your ministry community and ...Read more »