More Than the Bottom Line—Healthy Donor Relationships

DonorsThree of Orlando Union Rescue Mission’s top employees left within a month. And both Tanneka Guice (Development Director) and Freddy Clayton (CEO) were new to their roles. They knew they needed some help.

“[Freddy] is a true believer in if you want to do something well, then you hire the best to show you how,” Tanneka said. So, shortly after accepting an invitation to an Advocace workshop and meeting the team, they brought Advocace on board.

Tanneka said, “I don’t believe there was anyone else that was as passionate about stewardship and aligned with the vision we wanted to fulfill and carry through taking the mission to the next level.”

More Than Bottom-Line Numbers

Because OURM doesn’t receive government funding. So, it’s solely through God’s prompting of donor’s who believe in the mission and vision that the mission moves forward and is sustained.

Tanneka said, “Yes, revenue has increased. However, one of the biggest things that was important to me and Freddy was truly developing a healthy relationship with our donors…Linda truly began to share with us and show us that it’s [about] more than just the bottom line. Through her we’ve been able to see that part of our job is to act as guides to those that have the capacity to give. And showing them how they can be good stewards of what God’s blessed them with.”

“[Advocace’s partnership with OURM] has truly catapulted us into the next level of ministry for our organization. Had it not been for Advocace I wouldn’t be as well versed or knowledgeable as I am now about major gifts or formulating relationships with our major donors,” Tanneka said.

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