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Over 8 Major Donor Objectionsto to Meeting

Donors work hard for their money. They want assurance that investing in your ministry, your project, your leadership and even in you is a wise decision. It’s your job to provide the confidence they’re looking for in making this stewardship move.

Setting up in-person meetings with major gift donors is unquestionably hard work. However, an in-person meeting results in a gift 70% of the time. But, how do you secure a meeting when the donor feels so adamant about not needing to meet?

Let’s look at just eight common objections that donors give when we try to set up an in-person meeting. We will get down to the possible real issues and give you a couple of responses to get around the objection. Then, we’ll talk about how you might have avoided the objection in the first place.

Objections include:

  • It's a very busy time for me.
  • I'm not in a position to give more.
  • You're the 5th ministry to call this week.
  • And More

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