Positive Alternative Radio's 25% Revenue Increase

Positive Alternative Radio LogoPositive Alternative Radio has shared the love of Jesus through music for over 25 years. With six radio networks that cover eight states, listeners all over the country know the power of this group operator. About 10 years ago Executive Vice President, Brian Sanders, knew it was time for PAR to change direction, grow funding, and expand their ministry. To aid them in crafting a new direction, he called Advocace into the picture.

Overall Impact Made

Through work in Strategic Planning, Major Gift Training, and Leadership Coaching, Sanders relayed, “Over the course of the last four years, Advocace has impacted our bottom line by at least 25% increased revenue. This has allowed us to expand our ministry.”

Brian says the three biggest benefits to working with Advocace so far are increased revenue, learning from experiences Advocace consultants have had throughout their years in nonprofit leadership, and bouncing ideas off of consultants, which enables him to make better decisions.

Leadership Coaching Impact

Through Advocace’s Leadership Coaching with Brian and the PAR team, each member has developed their personal vision, mission and core values. Ultimately defining these three things has helped each person understand how working with PAR fulfills their personal mission in life. Sanders believes that “PAR has become one of the top places to work within Christian ministry.”

Another way which Advocace has helped Brian reach a new level as Executive Vice President has been through an annual leadership survey. This survey allows all leaders under him to give feedback on how he’s doing. “This allows me to see my blind spots,” says Brian, “do I talk too much, do I listen well?” He goes on to say, “These results really help me grow as a leader.”

“If a ministry wants to grow, if it wants to be on top of latest trends, then I think you need to work with Advocace.” –Brian Sanders, Executive VP for Positive Alternative Radio

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