Paul Martin

Paul's desire is to help ministries flourish in vision and funding in order that they might take the Gospel to more people. It is for the sake of the Kingdom that Paul strives to make Advocace even better than it was the day before. He specializes in Business Development Consulting and his decades of experience give him great knowledge to impart to dynamic, nonprofit leaders.

Paul's Expertise

With a degree in Radio/TV Management from Oral Roberts University, Paul’s initial goal was to engage people for the Gospel with contemporary Christian music. From this goal sprung his experiences in helping start KLTY-FM (twice) and running the Radio Sales Division for Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

In 2003, Paul started Advocace. Originally the company solely working with Listener-Supported Christian Radio Stations in order to grow revenue. After building rapport with those stations, the general managers began asking if Advocace could help them with Business Development in their communities. 

Advocace became so successful at helping radio stations grow income and increase business development, that other Christian nonprofits started to take notice. 

Currently, Advocace works with Christian nonprofits of all shapes and sizes across the country—from rescue missions to missions organization, Christian universities, seminaries, and K-12 schools.

Paul’s vision is ultimately that more homeless people are fed, more young men and women are receiving Christian education and becoming leaders for the Kingdom, and more listeners are hearing the Gospel on their local radio station. 

He has recently been awarded the The Scott Campbell Industry Achievement Award and The National Center for Stewardship and Generosity's (NCSG) Lifetime Stewardship Achievement Award for his long time pursuit of growing Christian ministry impact.

Paul’s Family & Hobbies

Paul is married to Paula and is amazed by her strength and determination daily. They have three daughters and Paul loves watching them move through different phases of life. He also enjoys playing the bass and appreciates music of all kinds—contemporary Christian, jazz, big band, classical, symphonic, etc.


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