Our Consulting Solutions, Your Ministry's Vision

Advocace tailors our consulting solutions to your Christian ministry or nonprofit to help you achieve your vision!

Non Profit and Christian Ministry Fundraising Solutions

The Advocace team desires above all else that your Christian organization accomplishes the vision God has set before you. We want to see more of the hungry fed, more homeless sheltered, and ultimately more people following Jesus.  To see that vision come to fruition, we have developed the following solutions that help you accomplish your goals. Click on each one to watch videos and read more about why this solution may be a good fit for your nonprofit.

At Advocace, we understand that your organization has unique nuances and your team members are one of a kind individuals. For this reason, we tailor a plan specifically for you!


Major Gifts

Major Gifts

Major Gifts lead to the most growth for your nonprofit. With Advocace’s Major Gifts Program, your team will receive biblically-grounded, practical, hands-on training.

Donor Communications

Begin ministering to your donors with your Donor Communications Plan. We help you create a Donor Communication Plan to see your annual funding fulfilled.

Wealth Screening

When you’re too busy and need to know which donors can make the most of your limited time, DonorCompassSM Wealth Screening can help you talk to the right donors.


We believe in hands-on Coaching, not one-time training. With each of our solutions (Major Gifts, Donor Communications, Management Consulting, Capital Campaigns, etc) we coach you to succeed.



Hire top candidates for your ministry. RIGHT CoachSM helps your ministry recruit, interview, group interview, hire, train and coach new key staff members.

Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns can help you build a community of support around your vision. Advocace can help you bring all of the pieces together.

National Underwriting

Advocace connects your station with businesses and nonprofits that can support your ministry and helps underwriters understand the impact of your station and your market.

Business Development Coaching

Building relationships with local businesses is vital to your station's growth. We come alongside you and your team to attract support for your vision from your local business community.

Management Consulting

Organizing your time and team can majorly increase your impact. Our coaches can help your team bring daily operations in line with your vision and mission to impact more people.

Donor IntelSM

Donor Intelligence

With over 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S., donors receive more requests. Advocace’s DonorIntelSM helps you make smart decisions on ways to deepen your donor's support of your ministry.

Board Development

Board Development

Your Board members can help move your ministry forward. With Advocace's help, you can help your Board Member's plug into a role on your Board that allows them to thrive.