Growing True Biblical Relationships at Springfield Rescue Mission

Growing True Biblical Relationships at Springfield Rescue MissionRon Willoughby, Executive Director at Springfield Rescue Mission knew the old ways of trying to accomplish fundraising were over. And he needed to find a new way to raise the funds, so they could continue “meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the hungry, homeless, addicted, and poor by introducing them to Christ.”

“We want [Springfield Rescue Mission] to be relevant today and in the future. And we wanted someone who’s willing to take a risk and work outside the box to do new things that reflect God’s Word and His will for our ministry,” Ron said.

Ron chose Advocace because they were willing to come see firsthand what Springfield Rescue Mission is all about. They listened and found out where the Mission had been, where they are now and where they would like to go.

“They said they could take us where we’d like to be, and they haven’t let us down,” Ron said.

Ron had a long-time goal of installing a recycling baler at the Mission to bundle clothes and other donated items. This baler would open another revenue stream and help them reach their budget goals. With the help of the Advocace team, the Springfield Rescue Mission was able to share this need with donors.

Greg said, “I was touring [this major donor] through the Mission and I got to the point where I was showing them where we would put the baler, why it was important and what it would do for us. And he seemed interested in that. We prayed at the end and he walked away and didn’t really say anything. Two days later I received a check for $5,000 specifically for the baler.”

Linda Cunning, Senior Consultant at Advocace said, “Greg has latched on to the biblical and spiritual aspect of being a development officer and has made a huge impact in the lives of the donors. This is what really matters. The funds are just a result of his excellent relationships built through cultivation.”

“I had a similar experience with an awning project we were putting together,” said Greg. “I’d been trying to contact [this major donor] since I started 3 years ago. They would always give $1,000 here and $500 there. I would send emails and thank you cards but could never connect with them for a conversation. Out of the blue the donor emails me and says she’d like to take me up on my offer to give her a tour of the Mission. I toured her through the mission and prayed at the end. Then three days later I received $10,000 for the awning project from her.”

Ron, Greg and Springfield Rescue Mission have joined hands with the experienced coaches at Advocace. The work Advocace does with other organizations broadens the Mission’s view and helps them see opportunities and attempt to reach goals they might not otherwise attempt.

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