Strategic Planning

Having a plan in place keeps your team focused on the end goal.

Strategic Planning

Michael has been the General Manager of a Southern, listener-supported, Christian radio station for a few years. He realizes that although he has ideas and goals, they never really get done because he always says “he’ll do it when he has time.”


If you’re like Michael, leading a radio station, a seminary, homeless shelter, Bible college, or any other Christian nonprofit then you need a strategic plan to guide you and your team.

Facing Biggest Challenges

Many ministries are adrift on a sea of indecision, searching the horizon for solutions to some of their biggest challenges.  Donor income is one of them of course, but so is a lack of unity and purpose. As resources dwindle, finger pointing ensues.  From the board to the volunteer ranks, the uncertain future clouds today’s decisions and makes it almost impossible to discern a new vision.

Completely Customized Plan

You have probably “been there, done that” when it comes to strategic planning.  So have we.  That’s why Advocace’s approach is totally different and completely customized.   Working through a series of planning steps and facilitated discussions, your team will take ownership like never before.  The result won’t just be some consultant’s idea of a plan; it will be your plan.  Forget about a notebook to sit on your shelf.  With Advocace, the end game of strategic planning is action.   Advocace will help you:

  • Focus and engage your board and leadership in developing a plan for the future.
  • Help you analyze the key data points that will define success.
  • Consider best practices and input from your organization’s peers.
  • Affirm or help you create an effective mission statement and vision statement
  • Develop a list of core values for your organization.
  • Work with your team to identify strategic goals and objectives.
  • Specify a work plan to promote action and accountability by assigning tasks for follow up.

Reach Your Vision with Strategic Planning

Give up on the "when you have time" approach and build a Strategic Plan with Advocace. Give us a call at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call.

Board and Staff on Same Page
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