Wesley Spectrum Services: Funds More Kids and Families with Disabilities

Doug Muetzel, CEO of Wesley Spectrum Services, recognized the gap between where his development department currently found themselves and where they needed to be. With Wesley Spectrum’s passion to support children and families challenged with mental health issues, Doug knew that he needed someone perceptive and proficient to help bring their development department to a new level.

Trust and the In-Betweens

With Doug’s established relationship with David Hollenbaugh, Advocace began a partnership with Wesley Spectrum working in the areas of Case Development, Major Gifts, Capital Campaigns, Leadership Coaching, Foundations, and Donor Communications. However, more importantly than any of those solutions, Doug said “the major add in is the ability of Dave to listen to all other pieces between—database selection issues, staffing opportunities, brokering communications between people or organizations.”

One of the most important aspects Doug has found in Advocace is explicit trust. Doug said, “Whether it’s a family, internal staff member or donor, David can handle that conversation.”

A few specific successes of Wesley Spectrum’s partnership with Advocace have been several preliminary successes with major gifts of $10,000 or more, the creation of a compelling case that represents the groups they support, and putting a Strategic Plan in place. This plan serves as an anchor that keeps Doug focused on the tasks at hand and the ultimate vision ahead.

The Reason for the Money

Doug said, “Ultimately for us [the changes made with Advocace] are a powerful confidence in resources because of what we can do for kids and families. These people have faced challenges that are beyond what any of us will ever encounter. They’ve survived with challenges that are so significant. That their [therapy and care] can be funded through major gifts, changes the lives of those kids or families. Money can be seductive, so we can’t lose sight of the passion we have and what we do for kids and families.”

Give Advocace a Call

Doug said, “I wouldn’t hesitate [to recommend Advocace]. [It would be] really easy to suggest to them they would find trust, expertise and ability to be multi-disciplined and multi-functioned instead of the silos you usually find.”

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