DonorCompassSM Wealth Screening

Find larger major gifts in your limited time.


DonorCompassSM Wealth Screening takes a spreadsheet with the names and address of the donors and searches 13 public databases, inspecting over 500 data points. The result you receive includes a spreadsheet showing the Gift Capacity Estimate for each donor.

Alongside each name the document shows a corresponding dollar amount, estimating a possible gift that person could give over a five year period. Advocace’s wealth screening tool, DonorCompassSM also provides you with other wealth indicators and identifying information for each donor you provide.

Big Data

You could find all of this information online (stock holdings, real estate, board memberships, political donations, etc.). However, DonorCompassSM Wealth Screening puts these big data sources to work for your ministry finding biographical information, hard asset resources, and philanthropic activity sources.

How DonorCompassSM Is Different

  1. DonorCompassSM allows you to research more records.

    Many donor data systems offer wealth screening tools, but they have limitations. Some allow you to research only one name at a time. Other systems allow you to search a batch, but you are limited to a batch of 2,000 names only one time a year. With DonorCompassSM you can research as many names as you like, and you can do any number of searches in a year. It saves you time!

  2. DonorCompassSM gives more realistic information.

    Some wealth screening systems output information that’s not relevant. Information like who owns a pilot’s license or a boating license. Having a license does not necessarily mean you own a boat or a plane.

    DonorCompassSM uses over 300 million gift records and picks up on common threads of giving behavior—resulting in more refined and accurate data.

DonorCompassSM Helps You

  • Target Donors You Didn't Know Had Capacity or Interest in Giving
  • Save Time by Highlighting the Highest Potential Prospects

And it's been tested. Many other ministries like yours have seen results when integrating DonorCompassSM into an annual development plan.

Grow Gifts With DonorCompassSM Wealth Screening

When you’re too busy and need to know which donors can make the most of your limited time, call Advocace at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call about DonorCompassSM Wealth Screening.

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