DonorCompassSM Prioritizes Major Donors

“There was time wasted because I was chasing the wrong people. DonorCompassSM helps me decide which donors to put first priority”. Brian Yeager, KTSY-FM

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Send your list of donors
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DonorCompassSM estimates donor giving capacity
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Which of your donors can give more to your ministry?

DonorCompassSM targets donors you didn't know had capacity or interest in giving and it saves you time by highlighting the highest potential prospects

DonorCompassSM Wealth Screening takes a spreadsheet of your donors' names and addresses and searches 13 public databases, inspecting over 500 data points.

After DonorCompassSM has done it's magic, you receive a spreadsheet with a corresponding dollar amount next to each name estimating a possible gift that person could give over a five year period. DonorCompassSM also provides you with other wealth indicators and identifying information for each donor you provide.

How DonorCompassSM Is Different

1. DonorCompassSM allows you to
research more records.

Many other wealth screening tools only allow you to research one name at a time or limit you to a batch of 2,000 names once a year. With DonorCompassSM you can research as many names and do as many searches as you like.

2. DonorCompassSM gives you
more realistic information.

Some wealth screening tools give you information that’s not relevant. DonorCompassSM picks up on common threads of giving behavior based on over 300 million gift records—resulting in more refined and accurate data.

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