Grow Your Ministry with Whitepapers & eBooks

Sometimes a 500 word blog just won't cut it. With our depth of knowledge and decades of expertise, we have written a few whitepapers that get into more detail about board engagement, goal setting, and major gifts. Inside these reports you will find engaging content, cost effective solutions and annual fund systems that work! These FREE resources can help you move your nonprofit one step close to achieving your vision. After reading these resources, please call us or send us an email. It would be our pleasure to discuss the results with you, just request a consultation or call us at (972) 304-1100.


Donor Communications, ebook

Donor Communications lay the foundation for building relationships with donors and prospective supporters of a nonprofit. This eBook will help you guide your donors fulfill what God has already asked them to do--give.

Board Engagement Kit

How do we ignite passion, channel resources and make the most of what each board member brings to the table? See how in the Board Engagement Kit. We also discuss development as a team sport, common traits of effective boards, and more.

Abundant Harvest

Abundant Harvest can help you plan your major gifts program by addressing the benefits to a written major gifts plan, goal setting for major gift programs, who should cultivate major gift relationships and more.

Set Your Sights

Perhaps there are action steps that you need to take in order to reach a certain vision that God has given you. Set Your Sights is a great resource to begin asking those questions and raising your leadership to the next level.

Overcome Objections

Setting up in-person meetings with major gift donors is unquestionably hard work, often fraught with rejection and frustration. Start overcoming your major donor's objections to in-person meetings today!

How to Get Larger Gifts in Less Time for Your Ministry

Don’t have the time to see every possible donor? DonorCompassSM helps you, attract larger gifts in less time. How to Get Larger Gifts in Less Time for Your Ministry shows you how you can begin conversations with the right donors to grow your ministry.

Finish Well

Our Finish Well eBook helps you succeed in targeting 4th Quarter donors to support your ministry with 4th Quarter tips, sharing how to use Board Member MVP’s for income growth, the value of Planners and Procrastinators and ways to target year-end donors.