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[VIDEO] How Can I Choose the Best Director of Development?

Every week our team hears from ministry leaders needing immediate help to lead their development team. Watch my video below for some characteristics to focus on when hiring a new Director of Development. Then, request your free 1-hour consultation for our Right Coach Solution >>

How to Coach Your Team Using the Columbo Playbook

This year, I’m intentionally studying the art of asking good questions. Questions others embrace. So, I was intrigued to be introduced to an unorthodox leader recently who leads a group called Box of Crayons. Box of Crayons develops 10-minute coaching skills for leaders. The leader’s name is Michael Bungay Stanier. Watch how he uses the Columbo method in coaching...

How to Collaborate and Win More Major Donor Support

Have you tried multi-ministry collaboration with leaders with the explicit goal of building up a steward? To increase generosity awareness?

How Can I Engage My Christian University's Alumni?

Alumni involvement is the lifeblood of growth for higher education. So, a trend that shows alumni involvement decreasing at U.S. colleges is a big deal! Watch my 3-minute video for three ways you can engage your alumni at your institution.

How to Prepare for a Million Dollar Ask

What would you do to prepare to make an ask for a million dollar major gift?

How to Seek New Major Donor Prospects

This is the second blog in a common Major Donor Questions series. Find Question #1 here>> The question we'll answer in today's blog is: How do I see new Major Donor prospects? Might some of these questions describe the leadership perspective of your organization towards the idea of acquiring new donors? Do you have a very limited to zero development and fundraising staff and don’t know how to engage with major donor prospects? Do you have an increasing need for additional funding, especially from major contributors? Do you have fundraising questions but have no idea who to ask? These Questions were asked during a friendly chat with a ministry leader today. The subject quickly turned to prospecting for major donors. Why might my friend get sweaty palms when discussing how to meet major donors? She knew this was a game-changing topic so we discussed how to effectively prospect for major donors. First, place yourself in an environment where likely major donors congregate s ...

How to Change Focus and Reveal the Hearts of Your Top Donors

This is the beginning of a blog series that answers common Major Donor Questions. Our first question is: How can I reveal the heart of my top donors? “Tell me your favorite experience as a major supporter of your favorite charity?” The question seemed to pleasantly surprise one of the leaders of a mobile medical missions team serving in remote Swaziland in southern Africa. We were gathered near the U.S. headquarters in the Northwest for a Board Retreat. I had just met this African entrepreneur and wanted to hear the details of how his heart was moved through his interaction. He went on to describe an experience when his entire family participated in the one-on-one service outreach to those in need. This was a turning point to solidify values for many family members. He thanked me for probing this memory and determined to seek other similar opportunities in the near future. Explore Your Donor’s Heart As a leader in your industry, may I suggest you develop a list of questions ...

[VIDEO] Why I Love Working with Christian Ministries

Isaiah 60:3, “All nations will come to your light; mighty kings will come to see your radiance.” I love watching the response to God’s light in DFW, Texas, America and all people groups around the world. Watch my short video below for two great books that will power your leadership in your ministry forward!

Then, order your free eBook: Finish Well: Your 4th Quarter Guide to Success.

2 New Ways to Effectively Fund My International Ministry

According to the latest research the historical method for individual support raising in churches and individuals is on the decline. But the good news is that creative mission leaders and ministries are coming up with new models to fund missionary outreach today. Watch my video to hear about two new ways you can effectively fund your international ministry.

Then, let’s set up a time to talk specifically about your ministry. Just request your free, 1-hour consultation.

Request Your Free, 1-Hour Consultation>>

Jesus Called for Collaboration Not Competition

Competition exhilarates me. How about you? What about competition between Christian ministries or Christian ministry leaders? Is this healthy? In one sense, the root of the word comes from Latin competere (to seek, or to strive, together). Further inquiry reveals competition’s first cousin, “competence,” still enjoys respect in all circles. An examination of Scripture on the topic is less conclusive. The Apostle Paul reminds us from prison about the danger of pride in the pursuit of a reward, “Do nothing from rivalry or conceit…” (Philippians 2:3a ESV). He also seems to have the big picture of our lives in view when he coaches us to run and fight for the prize (1 Cor 9:24-27). What gives? In Christian ministry, should we apply competition which sometimes leads to unhealthy comparison in our race to please Him? What if we looked through an alternative camera lens to see leaders striving…but not against each other? Rather, we see the finish line revealing all le ...

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