56902052During the fourth quarter, everyone is looking for the most effective fundraising ideas.

Two successful ideas this year for several non-profit organizations in my world featured a Dinner/Silent & Live Auction format and home desserts with a Fall Harvest theme. Both events included specific donation options that participants could choose to designate on behalf of a loved one.
Designated gifts. Providing donors multiple choices. That seems to be the formula for a successful event or campaign this fall. While events are important, they are certainly no substitute for engaging individual donors.
With most ministries receiving more than 65% of their income from individual contributors, a fourth quarter strategy that de-emphasizes personal connection with donors is ill-conceived.

Get Your Board On-board

Here's where your board members can join in the fun of donor connections. Want some tips for helping them experience joy in helping to advance the cause of your organization?

  1. Ask them to provide 15 new names for cultivation annually.
  2. Suggest that they personally call or visit donors and thank them for their gifts and interest. Board members can tell them why they have made the organization one of your priorities and ask the donor why they have done the same.
  3. Ask them to enthusiastically attend and/or volunteer for your organization’s special events and invite their friends and colleagues. 
  4. Ask friends and family to provide a special birthday or anniversary contribution in your name.
  5. Make a request to the community groups in which they hold membership to sponsor events to  benefit your organization.
  6. Celebrate the board members accomplishments privately and publicly. Help them see how their contributions of time and resources make a big difference!

Without fail, in my 25 years of fundraising leadership experience, I have watched organizations reach their fourth quarter goals when they deploy special agents—their board members—in meaningful connection times with top donors and prospects. Ready to get your team on the field? 

If you need helps in putting these tips into practice, email me. I would love to talk to you about that.