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You Can Be a Visionary Leader

You Can Be a Visionary Leader

A few years ago, I interviewed Dennis Bakke, co-founder and longtime CEO of the worldwide energy giant AES Corporation. Dennis told me how he helped create a company where each employee was encouraged to dream, work hard, and make important decisions. He chronicled his leadership journey in his best-selling book Joy at Work.I have thought of Dennis' words often as I interact with leaders of Christian-format radio stations desiring to empower their staff to fulfill their individual calling. I especially remember Dennis telling me that his goal and passion was to try to create the most fun workplace in the history of the world. He said that with a straight face. Well, even though he retired several years ago, I checked out the AES corporate values on their web site...and there it was:Have Fun Through Work: We work because work can be fun, fulfilling and exciting. We enjoy our work and appreciate the fun of being part of a team that is making a difference. And when it stops being that way, we will change what or ...Read more »
Mark Kordic
Mark Kordic
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