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Visual Props Boost Donor Response

Visual Props Boost Donor Response

A visit to Big Sky country underscored the value of authenticity for me this week. In a land with more fly fishermen in one village that all the suburbs of my hometown of Cleveland combined, I learned that creating attractive lures often separates the outstanding fishermen from the rest. The best lures are so life-like you almost expect them to fly or jump out at you! The same is true in attracting people to a greater cause.Real Life ExampleA station manager seeks every opportunity to connect with their top donor prospects. They often invest months working through gatekeepers to secure an appointment. Staff are assigned the task of researching the donor's passions and interests as if this friend may be their last investor. Communicating the lasting difference they could make with a leadership gift is a priority. Before granting the manager an appointment, the gatekeeper asks a series of probing questions by the gatekeeper:What is the purpose and objectives of the meeting? What stage is the project you will pr ...Read more »
Mark Kordic
Mark Kordic
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