Understand Why Donors Give with Donor Research

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Understand Why Donors Give with Donor Research
Talk to a coach about
your ministry goals
Survey your donors about your organization
 Create a plan to engage your donors on their terms
  • "The board wanted to be trained in major gifts! We have a great board, but their enthusiasm for helping us raise funds was largely driven by the opportunities the DonorCompassSM report had uncovered." [Read The Rescue Mission's Story]

    Rich Cummins
    Chief Development Officer, The Rescue Mission
  • "Since the vast majority of our donors are supporting individual missionaries, we had no idea that there was so much potential support within our family of donors." [Read Camino Global's Story]

    Phil O'Dayl
    COO, Camino Global
  • "There was a certain level of time wasted because I was chasing the wrong people. DonorCompassSM helps me decide which donors to put first priority straight out of the gate." [Read KTSY-FM's Story]

    Brian Yeager
    General Manager, KTSY-FM

Could your donors give more if you reflected why they give?

DonorLifeSM shows why donors decide to give at each stage of your ministry's relationship with them.

How can you help your donors connect deeper with your ministry?

DonorPortraitSM helps you understand what it is about your ministry that connects with donors.

Are your messages resonating with your donors?

MessageCheckSM helps you know if your message connects with and motivates your donors to give.

Which of your donors can give more to your ministry?

DonorCompassSM saves you time by highlighting your highest potential prospects in your database.