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Want to Know Why Your Station Needs a Coach Like Delano?

I know I need to exercise. I even know the exercises to do. The truth: I don’t do them. That’s why I hired Delano. Delano helps me actually do what I know to do. He builds a plan for me. He motivates clients like me to work the plan. He knows what to do when things don’t work as they should and makes the necessary adjustments. He helps me because I won’t do what I know to do. That’s the value of a coach. If Olympians hire coaches to keep them doing what they already know to do, it’s ok that I need a coach, too. Making It All Work Out Whether radio stations, non-profits, churches or guys like me who want to get a little more fit, we need help doing what we know we should do. Substitute your ministry for the word ‘churches’ in this quote: “Churches that conduct their own campaigns tend to produce results at about 50 percent of the professionally led campaigns.” Gary L. McIntosh, What Every Pastor Should Know: 101 Indispensable Rules of Thu ...

3 Effective Ways to Grow Ministry Income This Summer

Nonprofit fundraisers often agree with country artist Alan Jackson, and legendary rockers The Who, The Beach Boys, and Blue Cheer. They all wail: "There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues!" But there’s no cure needed—just a good summertime plan. Grow Your Ministry's Income This Summer Here are three effective ways to grow your ministry income this summer: Allow Time for Everything to Take Twice As Long "I'm gonna raise a fuss, I'm gonna raise a holler About a workin' all summer just to try to earn a dollar" Eddie Cochran and Jerry Capehart wrote Summertime Blues and Cochran first released the song in 1958 when it peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100. The songwriting duo could have easily wrote these lyrics about fundraising. Summer can take all the fun from fundraising—except for those who plan for persistence. Put simply, without persistence summer fundraising fails. When you plan your summer fundraising schedule, allow for all majo ...

$30 per month? But I want to give $1,000!

Monthly Donors make a big impact for radio stations, but there are other donors who want to make a big impact, too. We’re just not communicating to our donors in a language they understand. Monthly Donors Are Really Different Monthly Donors are remarkably different from the rest of your donors. Monthly Donors often comprise 25% (or more) of the donor file—which means that other donors make up 75% of the file. Advocace’s recent custom donor research leads us to believe that Monthly Donors are typically: More disciplined More analytical More principled More likely to volunteer More likely to consistently read their Bible More likely to unswervingly pray These are all great qualities, but we believe they show up in unusually high concentrations in Monthly Donors. Periodic Donors (current donors who give less often than monthly) don’t speak ‘monthly-ese’. When we ask Periodics to behave like Monthlies, we aren’t speaking their langu ...

Do your listeners and donors recommend your station?

When you want your organization to grow, make sure your customers (including listeners and donors) become evangelists for your brand.  That means your customer is ready and enthusiastic about recommending you to their friends. Do you know what your listeners and donors think of your brand?

[VIDEO] How Do I Grow My Ministry with Advocace?

Your ministry is different. God gave you a different purpose, a different place and different people to engage. Those differences are why you want to talk with Advocace.

How Can DonorCompass Help You?

Nonprofit leaders are busy! How does a leader do what is on their plate AND cultivate a portfolio of major donors?

Leaders tell us that DonorCompassSM helps prioritize the donors who can help move the ministry forward.

[VIDEO] How Do I Get Team Members Up to Speed?

Why do team members not always perform at a level that leaders expect? As leaders we want our team member to work independently and accomplish the goals we set. Watch my 2 minute video below and let me share with you how you can bring new or under-performing team members up to speed in just 15 minutes a day.

[VIDEO] How Does a Servant Leader Delegate?

You've heard the term "servant leader". Jesus was a servant leader. The term even sounds good. We all want to be a servant leader! But what happens when there is too much to serve and not enough leader time?

How Can I Hire Top Quality Ministry Staff?

The old saying is true, "The best time to fire someone is before you hire them." Advocace's RIGHT Coach can help you hire top quality ministry staff that help propel your ministry's vision forward. Watch my 3-minute video below, then request your free RIGHT Coach Consultation >>

How Can Leadership and Management Coaching Help You Reach Your Vision?

Ministry executives (like you) are so busy! Watch my 1-minute video on how Leadership and Management Coaching can help you, as a ministry executive, bring your team alongside your vision and pursue it whole-heartedly.

Then, request your free, 1-hour consultation to hear more about how Leadership and Management Coaching can help you impact your staff and move your ministry forward.

Request Your Free 1-Hour Consultation>>

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