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Growing Leaders Clean Their Plate—Even the “Spinach”

Growing Leaders Clean Their Plate—Even the “Spinach”

I like carrots—cooked, raw, plain or fancy. But spinach? I like spinach when it isn’t too spinachy, like creamed or fried (yes, like a potato chip).The truth is sometimes I need to eat spinach.What’s on Your Plate?Most ministry leaders get to choose what is on their plate—some even tailor their daily work to be the work they really want to do. The Advocace Ministry Capacity Framework identifies seven areas that successful vision-driven ministries master. The challenge for the leader is to decide which areas to keep and which to delegate.“[A] trap into which the [Christian leader] is in danger of falling is that he may do what comes naturally and just take it easy…To avoid this danger the [Christian leader] should voluntarily impose upon himself a life of labor as arduous as that of a farmer, a serious student or a scientist. No man has any right to a way of life less rugged than that of the workers who support him.”—A.W. TozerAlthough I think Tozer would have liked the StrengthsFinderTM, a diet of strengths-o ...Read more »
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