Just about every radio station I know battles with the same problem:

How much should my station budget for listener recruitment?

That would include billboards, transit, direct mail, cable TV, broadcast TV, online.

Schonfeld & Associates in the 2008 Ad to Sales Ratios study shows:


Ad Dollars as Percent of Sales

Annual Ad Growth Rate (%)

Annual Sales Growth Rate (%)

Gross Margin as Percent of Sales

Ad Dollars as Percent of Margin

Radio Broadcasting Stations






Two points jump out from these statistics:

  1. On average, commercial radio stations spend 10% of their income on advertising

  2. With industry consolidation, the ad competition is actually less than it was a few years ago

Even in the age of industry consolidation, radio stations are competing for audience and spending a much larger portion of their income to recruit and retain listeners than most other industries.

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