If your product or service isn't relevant, price doesn't matter.


During economic turbulence, relevance matters even more--to listeners and to businesses. Few businesses understand the importance of branding when sales are low. The business' priority is growing their sales. So to get the attention of the business, show them a one-hop way of making a sale that ties to your station promotion.

A one-hop method basically means that the business person doesn't have to be very imaginative or very patient to see how their investment in the promotion will return dollars.

  • During a recession, time is limited and cash is limited. So to be relevant, a station representative must show a quick way to return cash.

  • During times of plenty, prestige can mean more so cash returns can slow a bit--but the promotion can't require too much imagination or patience from the business.

Whether a schedule of underwriting, commercial announcements or a promotion, station business development representatives must know the needs of a business so she/he can establish relevance between the business and the station. Never leave anything to the imagination of most businesspeople. As they should, they are focused on imagining how to grow their business and serve their customers.

We see a lot of sponsorship opportunities in our business development practice. Most are pretty cool radio promotions that could benefit the station and the station's listeners. Unfortunately, many of these opportunities aren't relevant to businesses that want to grow their sales.

The intersection of interests of a radio station and a business it desires to engage is relevance.