"...people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals". - David Ogilvy

In radio, we like research. Research is like the facial expressions of a congregation to the pastor at the pulpit, it gives our listeners a communication path back to us.  That’s the way we hear a representative sample of our listeners.

Whether perceptual research, music research, quantitative or qualitative research, research chronicles the history of our listener preferences.  Research can become our digest of history for our listeners.

What about the voice of our donors?

Over the last several years, Advocace studied donors from Christian radio stations in personal interviews with our team, as well as online, telephone and mail surveys.  The discoveries from these research studies shape the interactions we plan with donors.  For instance, in our meetings with hundreds of donors to Christian radio stations, we discovered that a majority of large-gift donors do not have a church home.  These donors look to the radio station to provide spiritual content—and many are desiring the station to provide ‘community’.  The station that provides ‘community’ will discover a deeper relationship with the donor.  What are the scriptural, as well as the economic and practical, implications of this?

What should a station’s response to this research be?