Want to Know Why Your Station Needs a Coach Like Delano?I know I need to exercise. I even know the exercises to do.

The truth: I don’t do them.

That’s why I hired Delano. Delano helps me actually do what I know to do. He builds a plan for me. He motivates clients like me to work the plan. He knows what to do when things don’t work as they should and makes the necessary adjustments.

He helps me because I won’t do what I know to do.

That’s the value of a coach.

If Olympians hire coaches to keep them doing what they already know to do, it’s ok that I need a coach, too.

Making It All Work Out

Whether radio stations, non-profits, churches or guys like me who want to get a little more fit, we need help doing what we know we should do. Substitute your ministry for the word ‘churches’ in this quote:

“Churches that conduct their own campaigns tend to produce results at about 50 percent of the professionally led campaigns.” Gary L. McIntosh, What Every Pastor Should Know: 101 Indispensable Rules of Thumb for Leading Your Church

Why do staff-led campaigns typically see only half the results of a professionally led campaign? Typically, we need someone to keep stretching us to do what we may already know how to do.

Desire and Knowledge—Not Enough

Even the Apostle Paul recognized he would habitually fall short of God’s standard.

“I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out.” Apostle Paul, Romans 7:18b

(about falling short of God’s standard)

Now I don’t want to put a human coach on the same plane as the Holy Spirit, but I think you get my point: we won’t do what we know—and we need someone to help us.

That’s why capital campaigns and major gift programs require coaches (and consultants) to help increase growth of a ministry like yours.

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