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When can we put the fun back into fundraising?

When can we put the fun back into fundraising?

The manager was about as stressed out as I've seen a person. "We've got to make this fundraiser work," he nervously blurted.

His desire to do a great job was obvious, but so was his we-have-to-bear-down-on-this approach. He had a deep faith in God's provision, but he also wanted to make sure he was attentive to every detail. Unfortunately, he squeezed the fun out of fundraising.

Givers have great joy so why do the askers have such stress? There are four good things to remember when leading a fundraiser:

  • Approach with joy.
  • Ask with joy.
  • Lead with joy.
  • Live the joy.
Over-involvement in church a big problem at work?

Over-involvement in church a big problem at work?

If your employees get over-involved in community activities, church or social commitments, then you've got a big problem!" Don Beveridge's words challenged me all that day, but now he went over the top.  I was proud of every person on my team--and especially the team member's active church life! But Beveridge had a point: we compete for the attention and creativity of our team members...and, sometimes, we lose that competition. If we want to work with people who are involved in their community, church and family, how do we keep these good people producing at a high level at work? Belated relatedness It gets back to Alderfer's ERF Theory with Relatedness Needs, Growth Needs and Existence Needs.   Everybody is wired a bit different so we, as leaders, need to understand our team members and their needs.  To cover the three major need-groups: Build a positive and encouraging culture to build productive business relationships.  Catch someone doing something great a ...Read more »
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