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America’s Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities

America’s Most and Least Bible-Minded Cities

How does your city rate on Bible-mindedness? 

Barna and American Bible Society researched 96 major U.S. cities on Bible-mindedness over seven years. The area where I live is #27, but many of the areas where I work are much farther down the list.  There are some surprises, too.

City Ranking
Dallas 27
Atlanta 28
Knoxville 1
Tulsa 36
Houston 39
Roanoke-Lynchburg, VA 8
Orlando/Daytona, FL 64
Seattle-Tacoma, WA 69
Los Angeles, CA 68
New York City, NY 85
Providence, RI/New Bedford, MA 96
Unwanted Research Results: Taking a Step Toward Success

Unwanted Research Results: Taking a Step Toward Success

Jim Seybert wrote a great devotional guide for leaders and managers titled, “One Year Mini for Leaders”.  His entry for February 3 ties into several conversations I enjoyed over the last couple of weeks with clients and friends.  I think you will enjoy it, too. Do Your Research “He waited another seven days and then released the dove again. This time it did not come back.” Genesis8:12 Imagine Noah’s disappointment when the dove came back the first time with nothing in its beak. He had done his research, and it had failed – or had it? It’s my belief that properly conducted research is never a failure because you learn something even when the results are not what you expected. In fact, a survey that reveals an unexpected result is probably more successful than one that just confirms what you already knew. Noah did not change his approach on the second and third attempts. He ran the research exactly the same all three times. Release the dove, wait for it to return, wait seven days, rele ...Read more »
How much do radio stations spend on getting listeners?

How much do radio stations spend on getting listeners?

Just about every radio station I know battles with the same problem: How much should my station budget for listener recruitment? That would include billboards, transit, direct mail, cable TV, broadcast TV, online. Schonfeld & Associates in the 2008 Ad to Sales Ratios study shows: Industry Ad Dollars as Percent of Sales Annual Ad Growth Rate (%) Annual Sales Growth Rate (%) Gross Margin as Percent of Sales Ad Dollars as Percent of Margin Radio Broadcasting Stations 10 -12 8 52.6 19 Two points jump out from these statistics: On average, commercial radio stations spend 10% of their income on advertising With industry consolidation, the ad competition is actually less than it was a few years ago Even ...Read more »
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