Major Gifts Lead to Greater Ministry Impact

"[If not for] for Advocace I wouldn’t be as well versed about formulating relationships with major donors."
-Tanneka Guice, Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Talk to a coach about
your ministry goals
② Create a plan to
engage your donors
③ Engage your donors
with your coach

Do you need larger gifts to support your ministry's vision?

Through Biblically-grounded, practical, hands-on training you and your team can deepen donor relationships, raise more funds and grow your ministry's impact. Here's how it works:

1. Audit your current and prospective donor file.

You and your Advocace coach will review your current development program and generate reports to make strategic decisions. You’ll also discuss how to segment donor lists to optimize engagement at every donor level.

2. Create a plan to engage your donors.

You’ll work with your coach to create a plan to build meaningful and intentional relationships with each donor as an individual.

3. Refine your skills to build deeper, lasting donor relationships.

Your Advocace coach will help you prepare for donor calls—and even join you on these calls in the beginning to share your story of impact, then provide an experienced sounding board afterwards.

Let’s get started building deeper donor relationships, raising funds and growing your ministry's impact.

Talk to a Coach About Major Gifts