Management Consulting

Organizing your time and team can majorly increase your impact.


Aligning Vision, Mission and Operations

When your team, your board, your donors, your constituents and your resources work together, you make a bigger impact. Aligning clear staff goals with board targets with the leader’s vision is not easy, but with Advocace’s decades of experience with ministries, your organization will make fast progress toward your vision.

Questions to Ask

Advocace’s Mission Advancement Preparedness Assessment (MAPA) helps ministry leaders identify areas that are slowing your ministry's progress. The MAPA helps your team and resources align toward your vision. Some questions that the MAPA answers are:

·         Why do we exist?

·         How will we succeed?

·         How do we impact people?

·         How are we organized and supported to deliver?

Advocace’s Coaches

Our coaches bring decades of experience in organization development and organization alignment to the table. They can help your team bring your daily operations in line with your vision and mission. Ultimately, you will impact more people because everybody is working toward the same goal.

Align Your Vision and Operations

Call Advocace at (972) 304-1100 or request your free coaching call to talk about how we can help you align your great, God-given vision with your day-to-day tasks to make a much larger impact.

Aligning Board and Staff with Vision
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