[VIDEO] How Do I Relate to a Donor?

[VIDEO] How Do I Relate to a Donor?

A donor and I were chatting over salads discussing what my organization was achieving. I kept saying my organization does this, my organization does that—as if the building was achieving the accomplishments. The donor looked at me and said, "I like you, not your organization." She was relating to the organization in a personal way—person to person. Watch my two minute video below and let me share with you a few tips when relating to donors person to person.Read more »
Stop Being Bullied by Bad Hires

Stop Being Bullied by Bad Hires

Have you’ve been bullied? No, not the bullies on the playground. I am talking about workplace bullies. Those employees that may not kick and scream out loud, but still push and manipulate you to get their way. That, my friend, is a bully. Advocace’s RIGHT CoachSM can help your ministry recruit, interview, group interview, hire, train and coach new key staff members.Read more »
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Linda Cunning
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Find out how I help leaders grow their ministries as their trusted advisor. Read more about the way I work with clients by clicking here.

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