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How do you thank your donors?

Have you ever known someone who is truly thankful? I mean, you can tell gratefulness consumes their heart...Your donors want to feel you're truly thankful. 

Is that person in the right position at your organization?

You've seen it. A great person with great skills. But this person is struggling. The person is not performing like you thought. I have three keys to help you identify what the barrier really is...

[VIDEO] How long will it take to complete my capital campaign?

Capital Campaigns can take on a flow of their own as you are trying to complete the process. One question that I hear is, “How long is it going to take?” 

Well, that is such a variable question. To answer that, you need to answer several other questions. Watch my 2-minute video for the four questions you need to ask...

Why is it so important to guard your database?

The hallway led to a back room, grey walls and no windows. In the corner of the quiet room was a desk with a computer and the staff member diligently typing. The leader touring me through, led me out and, almost in passing, said quietly, “That is just our database department.” Discussing the problems of getting people to donate to her organization, the leader’s obvious frustration was seen on her furrowed brow. When I asked her which database she uses, the size of the donor ...

Is Your Volunteer Director Losing Major Donors for You?

Your donor decides to come volunteer at your organization. Wonderful! Volunteers save nonprofit organizations millions of dollars a year. But the experience a donor has with your staff, and especially with your Volunteer Director or Coordinator, can actually hurt donations if you are not careful.

What Does Your Community Say About You?

You would be surprised what people say about you. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked at one of the many websites that allow a person to “grade” an organization.

How Can Social Return on Investment (SROI) Increase Your Funding?

Are you familiar with the term Return on Investment (ROI)? ROI measures the gain or loss generated on an investment versus the amount of money invested. This measurement helps us know how much profit we are seeing from a business or business investment.

How about the term Social Return on Investment (SROI)

[VIDEO] How do I get started writing grants?

Writing grants can be daunting! There are many pieces involved. But you can prepare to make your work more productive. Here are a few tips to help you get started writing grants.

[GUEST BLOG] Your message. Your means to action or a mess?

In today’s world, we have an abundance of vehicles to carry our message. We can be specific in targeting various audiences with messages that are relevant to them – which when done properly does wonders for increasing efficacy and ROI...

Are You Giving Your Supporters a Headache?

Is there an activity you do that is frustrating to no end? As a consultant I travel, a lot, and I am amazed that the travel industry can be so not customer focused...Whatever your headache is, it really is about service and convenience.

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