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What New Thing Is God Doing in Your Ministry?

We get so caught up in our daily work, don’t we? Rushing around, answering emails, and all the busyness of the day that we do not slow down to reflect and perceive what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of the donors.

How to Have a Winning 4th Quarter

Your 4th quarter (October, November, December) should be your busiest, yet best work.

[VIDEO] Why Do Major Donors Avoid Meeting with You?

Did you know it's likely your supporters fib to you? Recently an Executive Director told me he was considering taking a Major Donor off his top cultivation list because she had told him, "You must be a busy person. You don't need to visit me. I trust you." Yikes! There's more to this type of response than you may think.

How to Strengthen Donor Relationships and Increase Gifts – Linda Cunning

Yes, he had great skills. And yes, he was leading the organization well. But, he struggled with how to work well with his major donors. He was very willing to thank his donors, which he did often. But he just didn’t understand the best way to develop, build, and grow a major donor program.

[VIDEO] How Do I Relate to a Donor?

A donor and I were chatting over salads discussing what my organization was achieving. I kept saying my organization does this, my organization does that—as if the building was achieving the accomplishments. The donor looked at me and said, "I like you, not your organization." She was relating to the organization in a personal way—person to person. Watch my two minute video below and let me share with you a few tips when relating to donors person to person.

Stop Being Bullied by Bad Hires

Have you’ve been bullied? No, not the bullies on the playground. I am talking about workplace bullies. Those employees that may not kick and scream out loud, but still push and manipulate you to get their way. That, my friend, is a bully. Advocace’s RIGHT CoachSM can help your ministry recruit, interview, group interview, hire, train and coach new key staff members.

[VIDEO] How Do I Start My Grant Writing Process?

I have worked with grants for almost 30 years, in one way or another writing federal, state, private foundations and publicly competitive grants. And I also review grant applications, which has allowed me the insights on both sides of the grantsmanship process.

How to Hire a Great Development Officer

I didn’t want to tell this leader he made a bad choice. But the evidence was clear, this advancement officer was terrible! He had an arrogance that was like bad breath, everyone noticed it but him.

How to Send Relevant Messaging to Your Donors

Jason sat across from me eating lunch as he explained his mission at his organization. He said, “No one is doing this work.”

I tried not to say anything. “This is why people need to give to us, and that’s what I am going to tell them,” he continued. Jason was convinced that if he communicated to his database list that his organization was the only one doing this work, they would give to him.

6 Ways You Can Stop Being a Ho-Hum Leader

The Director sits back in the ergo-chair with a stack of papers on his tiny desk. Numerous small, pink sheets lie next to the scribble pad that say, “Please Return Call”. Eyes closed, the Director considers the latest of issues that had to be dealt with. This constant pull of attention keeps the Director away from non-emergent, but just as important tasks.

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