How do you thank your donors?

Have you ever known someone who is truly thankful? I mean, you can tell gratefulness consumes their heart.

This person finds ways to express gratitude. Their kind words are contagious. They acknowledge God's sovereignty and goodness. They are appreciative and make you feel thankful you have the privilege to help them. I love these folks.

Thank Your Donors Genuinely

Your donors want to feel you're truly thankful. They don't want some canned phrase that is tied into a letter with your next ask, but a genuine gratitude that makes the donor know how thankful you are for their support.

Look at it this way, no one has to give you anything. I know that is a little pessimistic, but it is true. There are lots of organizations, some bigger, some smaller, some with better programs, some with great outcomes, some with tight fiscal procedures, some with huge projects that look to your supporters to give. But, they have chosen YOU. Wow. Out of all the organizations they could have chosen to give to, they chose you. What a humbling thought.

Thank Your Donors Personally

So, how do you thank your donors? How is your appreciation serving the donor and not serving your organization (i.e., “We will just add a P.S. thank you to our next donor appeal…”)? What will make your donor know that you know their name and face, and you are honored that they choose to give to you? Donors are reflecting Christ’s giving nature, how would you thank Jesus? Then do so.

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