fear-nightmare-dreamAre you a dreamer? I mean, do you dream at night and remember your dreams in the morning? That kind of dreaming? Well, I am. Always have been. My dreams are vivid. I dream in color. I once yelled at my daughter in the morning because she disobeyed me in a dream…it was so real!

So, I thought of you when I had this recent dream. Well…it was more of a nightmare.

In a strange city, I walked out of my hotel (a typical consultant’s dream), and on to the street of this unfamiliar town. With my roller bag in one hand and a handbag in the other, I walked trying to find my car. I would pass people and vendors, and buildings, and vehicles, but as I passed things, more bags were added to my arms. Soon I was carrying a heavy load, walking slower and slower, and frustrated that I could not get to my car.

Can you relate to my nightmare?

Have you ever felt like you knew where to go to get to your vision, but as you try to get there, more and more baggage is loaded on you?

Extra baggage is put on you by others—and a lot of time, by you. Is the weight of the baggage slowing you down? Are you frustrated because you aren’t finding the passion and path towards vision?

Let’s make declarations for this year.

  • God has equipped me to do what I am called to do.

  • I am able to be who God has called me to be in this ministry and organization.

  • I leave behind all baggage weighing me down from achieving the vision.

  • I will seek help and not walk alone in this journey toward vision.

  • This will be a year where I will tangibly see progress.

  • Great grace will be with me as I sojourn in this ministry and in life.

  • God has made me well-able to achieve this vision.

I am saying this with you, my friend. No baggage, this year. Let’s be free to accomplish God’s vision.

I love what I get to do (helping Christian ministry leaders reach their vision). And I would love to have a conversation with you about your vision. Let’s set up a free coaching call >>