Woman, Headache, SupportersIs there an activity you do that is frustrating to no end?

As a consultant I travel, a lot, and I am amazed that the travel industry can be so not customer focused.

Or, have you ever gone for lab work, sat in a waiting room, answered the same questions over and over, and thought, “Why have I had to tell 3 people the same thing as they type into a computer? Are they typing three languages?”

Whatever your headache is, it really is about service and convenience.

I recently read an article by MIT’s Andrew McAfee. His article discussed how growing businesses are helping people by simplifying or automating certain aspects of their jobs or lives so that they don’t have to think. This is so true. Alleviating headaches in our systems, communications, processes, and interactions is huge for us in the nonprofit world.

Make It Easy for Your Supporters

Why do you think it was so popular to do the ALS fundraiser, “Ice Bucket Challenge”, which brought in a whopping $115 million dollars? Think about it:

  • It was easy to sign up to do
  • It was cheap to perform (ice, water, and bucket)
  • It was fun (for the viewers of the videos)
  • It was easy to share the experience on social media
  • It was easy to ask a friend to do
  • There were no complicated rules to follow

But we tend to do things the same old way or take years to review a system or process that makes us lose supporters in the meantime. Ask these process questions about your organization:

  • How easy is it for someone to walk in your door and volunteer?
  • How simple is it for someone to learn more about your mission and vision?
  • What makes a person enjoy giving to you?

Then, at each step, think about this: Is this a headache or is this fun?

Here’s a suggestion: have “secret donors” like secret shoppers, do different tasks, like calling to give a donation, asking to be put on the mailing list, and volunteering at your organization. Then, let them review those processes. You would be surprised how complicated things can get and how easy it is to lose a potential supporter.

The future in industry, as well as in the nonprofit arena is making it simple. People have so much pulling at their attention. It is those that make processes easier that tend to win over those that make things complicated.

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