What Does Your Community Think About You?You would be surprised what people say about you. Curiosity got the best of me and I looked at one of the many websites that allow a person to “grade” an organization.

When reading the reviews and seeing the grading, it was all over the board. Some were saying, “Best” others saying “worst”. The final grade was right in the middle, telling me that this place is average.

I do not care for these sites because people’s opinions are swayed by temperament, emotions, or moments of impulse. Yet, getting a good idea of how the community views your organization, helps you plan and implement your messaging.

Recently, I was working with an organization that is in desperate need of growth and donor engagement. When I was in the community I would ask random people if they had heard of the organization. Although it had been in existence for 15-20 years, people had no idea who I was talking about. That is a problem.

If you want people to support you, then building a development and messaging strategy is vital.

Think of it like ripples in the water. A strategy starts small, but each ring ripples larger and larger. Putting effort into your strategy helps to grow your donor-base and support for your cause.

Community support is vital for sustainability—whether your organization’s community is a small town or spans across the U.S.A. Stop and ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your community of supporters saying about you?
  • How can you grow this community?

There are people waiting to join with you and the vision you have to accomplish for Christ.

Let’s talk about how you can grow your community. Just let me know you’d like to talk >>