Shy and unassuming, this husband and wife accepted my invitation to meet over dinner to discuss the work of my organization. I would never have asked this couple to dinner if it had not been for wealth screening. They did not give major gifts. They gave small gifts, every so often. Only after I had screened a list of names did I find that this couple had the potential to support my ministry in a big way.

Advocace’s DonorCompassSM wealth screening tool helps you effectively pursue potential new supporters. It also helps you ask for an appropriate gift from your current donors. You never know what gems of a potential major gift supporter you might find on your donor list just like this couple that I had dinner with.

The multiple ways DonorCompassSM screens public information for major donors saves you hours and hours of research. And if you research yourself, you still might not receive the most accurate information. Wealth Screening: DonorCompassSM can truly lift a load off of your development department’s staff. This fantastic tool also helps you to prioritize and set realistic goals for cultivation and making the ask.

Because of wealth screening, the couple met me for dinner and built a new relationship and eventually they gave a major gift. I had the right tool to support my work and fund our mission.