4 New and Exciting Event Ideas for Your NonprofitAre you a planner? Do people know you are so detailed, events have been planned for the next several years? I am with you, my friend.

I love Gantt charts, checklists, and diagrams. The problem is that we may be boring our donors with the same events or methods for fundraising at our nonprofit. Great events are usually well planned and planned in advance. Being creative with the events can be your challenge.

4 New Events Ideas for Your Nonprofit

Here are 4 ideas for planning and creating new and exciting events for your donors.

  1. Ask major donors to be part of the event planning team.

    This is not an assignment for your specific event committee. This is a volunteer group made up of brain-stormers and creatives that can provide unique and special ideas for events. People love to be asked for their ideas.

  2. Think of touch points for your donors.

    What this means is your event should have multiple opportunities to reach different demographics, especially ages. Is the event strictly discussed through technology? Then you are missing people who do not like all the techy stuff. Is your event a yearly banquet? Your younger donors may find it quite boring. What activities provide a unique experience? Think of ways to engage more donors.

  3. Create a unique experience for your donors.

    Can you provide something unique where the donor walks away saying, “That was fun and different!” I like how rescue missions in the north have winter 1K walks, which ties into a day in the life of a client. One school’s creative “Grandparents Day” provided the school with volunteers and new donors that would never have engaged with them otherwise. Experiences for donors helps tie their heart with your mission.

  4. Count the cost of your events versus major donor calls.

    Events can be a crutch for advancement or development people to skip major donor calls and cultivation. An event can cost thousands of dollars in staff resources, time, energy, and supplies. A few hours a month with a major donor can get the same results for so much less. Look at each event, what is the goal, past results, current costs (including staff salary and time), and make wise decisions in planning.

You can have great creative events at your nonprofit organization. Just make sure you know the goal, are creatively including others, planning ahead, and measuring results.

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