3 Surefire Ways to Raise Money for Your Capital CampaignSurefire. For some reason that reminds me of old TV commercials that have a salesperson smiling from ear to ear, saying their product is a surefire way to…you fill in the blank.

2 Ways to Raise Money for Your Capital Campaign

But there actually are 2 surefire ways to raise money for your capital campaign.

  1. Identify your top 10 in a Feasibility Study..

    By starting your capital campaign process with a Feasibility Study - you'll not only be able to identify likely sources of major support and leadership for the campaign, but also:

    • the strength of your case for support
    • a realistic goal
    • an estimated budget, timeline, and plan of action
    • Any negative factors that need to be addressed
  2. Have champions on your Steering Committee.

    A champion is one who loves the vision, gives generously to the campaign and will invite their friends to join in. You need a group of champions who are high-profile, high capacity volunteers from your community who others will line up to follow. This group will bring credibility, wisdom, insider knowledge and leverage in donor solicitations to your capital campaign. (You can read more about Steering Committee's here >>)

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