clip_image002Expecting to do all of the development work with little or no help? How about adding staff issues, office busy work, constant interruptions, and even your own idiosyncrasies that keep you from focusing.

5 Tips to Help You Focus

1. Invest Time in Supporters

Supporters are just that—they support your organization. If you don’t invest time in finding out who they are and how they can help, they will keep tipping you instead of investing in your organization.

2. Coach Your Staff

You will not know the potential of your staff if you keep trying to do everything. Train your staff members to take ownership of certain tasks to free your time. This can also show you the hidden leaders in your organization.

3. Time It Right

If you try to do research at the end of a day when you’re most tired, it will feel like pulling teeth. If you meet donors for a very early breakfast when you have never been a morning person, it may end in disaster. Set your schedule when you can best accomplish the work. Pick your most productive time to complete items that you find tedious. Otherwise you will procrastinate and not complete the task or meeting.

4. Face Your Fears

We avoid things we don’t feel comfortable with. Admit to your fear or even your aggravation of cultivating donors and set small, daily goals. Each day, when you achieve the goal, take a moment to celebrate (with a deep breath, a smile—or my favorite, chocolate!)

5. Remember You’re Not God

You say you know this, but why do you act like you can do everything? Ask for help. Get training. Seek a coach. When you realize you are a piece to the larger puzzle, you allow others to influence and help you become successful.

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What are other ways that help you focus and get development work done when you have too much on your plate? Leave a comment or send me an email—I’d love to talk with you more about this.