clip_image002If your ministry no longer existed in your community, what impact would it make? Would this loss displace just a few people, or would it create such a ripple effect, that the community would have to do something to lessen the impact?

Of course, we want our organization to impact our community, so much so, that the people feel a responsibility to fund our work. But in many cases, this is simply not how the community feels. How do you win the community’s support and esteem? By serving the community.

God has positioned you in your community to steward those you serve. You steward the constituency you serve, the resources you receive, the staff placed in your charge, the community in which God has placed you. This is both a responsibility and also an honor.

Questions to Evaluate Your Stewardship

Ask yourself these questions as you evaluate your serving and stewardship responsibilities. Although these questions focus on your community, ask these questions regarding your staff/team, those you serve, your volunteers, and your donors:

1. How am I getting to know you better?

Your community is special and unique. Find out what its members value. The values of the community, as a whole, can impact the messaging that you communicate.

2. How am I encouraging you?

Stop being so self-focused (it’s about us, and our organization), and find ways to encourage the community. How are you showing that you value them? How are you giving back for their sake and not your own agenda?

3. How am I providing opportunities for involvement beyond perfunctory ways?

There is interest in you and what you do. Are you creating interesting and fun ways for involvement that will spark attention and continued participation?

4. Am I measuring my stewardship effectiveness?

Just like in some friendships or dating relationships, you may take an ongoing relationship for granted. Then you find out that the other person simply is not interested. How are you measuring your relationship success? What outcomes are you tracking that show your impact (not just counting widgets)?

Be the darling of your community. This is not easy, but with a heart for the community and a passion for those you serve, you can serve and win a community for God.

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