ToxicIf you are still giving excuses for why major donors are not giving to your organization, it is time to stop. No excuses. Let’s look at why your excuses are holding the organization back.

1. We are in a recession.

Giving USA (2015) reports we are almost 8 years out of the recession. Although pockets of the country are still slowing progressing, giving is back on the rise.

2. Staff are unmotivated.

It can be quite challenging to lead a development or advancement team. A yearly look at your donor and public relations strategy is vital to keep everyone on the same page. Have clear goals for each team member. Train and support each person thoroughly. Reward successes promptly. Above all, make the work atmosphere enjoyable!

3. Leadership doesn’t understand.

Working with leaders, such as boards, can dishearten you. Each may have his or her own definition of success. Training boards helps them understand your organization and how you track progress. Investing in a third party trainer also helps get another point of view to pour into a leader. Strong leadership does not evolve, it is well-trained and driven.

4. Donors don’t want to talk to me.

I know. The frustration of donors not taking your calls. All of us in this field experience this. Keep trying. Think of other creative ways to engage with a supporter. Find friends of the donor that could make an introduction. Above all, keep trying. It is worth it.

5. I don’t have anything to share.

If you don’t have anything to share, then you are not interacting with your team and constituents to gather stories and reports. I know this may be tough, but get out of the office and LISTEN. ASK great questions. REVIEW outcomes reporting in order to gain insight for stories. If there is nothing to say, then why is the organization in existence?

Stop procrastinating. Be encouraged. Stop dreading going to work every day. Enjoy your day by leaving excuses behind. Your donors are worth it.