A Fundraising Coach Helps You Do MoreI thought a personal coach would help me to lose some much needed weight. After a few weeks, I thought, “This isn’t rocket science. I can do these exercises myself! Who needs a coach?” So I stopped using the coach and started exercising and coaching myself. Well, adding 30 pounds later, being a couch potato, eating junk, I found out that I really did need a coach.

There are so many consultants available. We love to coach our clients so that they really do improve their performance—just like a coach does for his team. Click here to request your free consultation to learn more about Leadership Coaching>>

Why You Need a Fundraising Coach

Here is why you need a coach:

  1. Accountability

Coaching allows you to stay on task by being accountable to someone else. Even if you do not meet a goal, the coach helps you to understand why and get you back on track. See how accountability helped The Bridge raise $1 Million in 60 Days>>

  1. Expertise

Sometimes it takes someone who has walked through what you are going through to give you practiced advise. This professional view can save you hours and money in the long run.

  1. A Sounding Board

A sounding board would sit behind a pulpit to help project the sound of the speaker. What a coach can do is let you talk through your ideas, plans, and thoughts, and reflect what you have said so you can hear clearly what you are thinking. Sometimes a listening ear is all you need. Sometimes wise counsel comes from the reflection of your sound.

  1. Goal Tracking

If left up to you, sometimes you may set goals that are lower than your potential. Or, you may have high hopes and dive in without considering all that is involved. A coach helps you set realistic goals. Then together track the goals and make adjustments along the way. Without this you can become unmotivated, lethargic, or frustrated.

  1. Friend

Some of the most meaningful people in a person’s life is their coaches. The relationship is more than telling you what to do. It is a collaborative process of sharing and pressing towards the mark. These coaches become just as close as a friend. Lifelong friendships that are hard to put a price to.

Next time you think you don’t need a coach, think again. You may just be holding yourself back.

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A Fundraising Coach Helps You Do More