Asking Donors_DonorCompassYou know the feeling. That basketball size knot in your stomach. You are sitting across from your donor, knowing that you need to ask for that major gift but just can’t seem to feel comfortable about asking for this much money. A drop of sweat starts to form on your forehead, which you quickly wipe away before it is noticed.

You think,

“Am I asking too much?”

“Is he going to be offended?”

“Am I leaving money on the table?”

“Does she think I am rude?”

“Will I live through this intense moment?”

Boy, have I been there. I know the pressure of preparing and presenting to a donor for a major gift. It can be physically painful! Do not fret my friend. You are among good company. We love and care for our donors and want them to know we appreciate them. We also know we have a responsibility to help lead them in fulfilling their philanthropic desires.

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DonorCompassSM to the Rescue

That is where DonorCompassSM can be a great assistant for you.


  • saves you hours of trying to figure out the right gift amount to ask
  • helps spot connections and prioritizes your top cultivation list
  • takes much of the guesswork out of figuring out an appropriate ask
  • helps you feel you are asking appropriately and not leaving gifts on the table

Yes, you still may be nervous, but be assured that asking for a major gift for your organization is part of the higher calling. It’s joining an individual or family’s personal mission with your organizational vision. This is ministry. This is Godly. This is obedience at its best.

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