Sent Relevant MessagesJason sat across from me eating lunch as he explained his mission at his organization.

He said, “No one is doing this work.”

I tried not to say anything.

“This is why people need to give to us, and that’s what I am going to tell them,” he continued.

Jason was convinced that if he communicated to his database list that his organization was the only one doing this work, they would give to him.

Returning to my office, I open a file drawer filled with nonprofit brochures that I have collected over my many years of nonprofit work. Of the countless brochures, three were in Jason’s community, doing the same kind of work.

Unfortunately, we see ourselves through our own eyes. We see our organization as what we think it is—and we think others see it this way too. If Jason were to have a communications plan that expressed his organization as the only one doing this work in the community, the community members would see this as an organization that does not know it’s own community. They would see that they have not done their “homework”. This could damage trust and harm support.

Know What Your Donors Actually Think

Having good research and quality information helps you express to your donors the facts. In the same way, knowing what your donors think of you can change the way you communicate to them. Advocace’s DonorIntelSM can help you to find real answers so you send relevant messages that connect with your donors.

·         DonorLifeSM research shows why donors make the decision to donate to your ministry. Individual DonorLifeSM Research projects uncover opportunities at key stages with the donor: Pre-Gift, First Gift, Monthly Pledge, and Lapsed.

·         DonorPortraitSM shows what your donors think about your ministry, how to improve the connection and a view of which giving segments are in danger of lapsing.

·         MessageCheckSM helps you know if your brand, case and messages resonate with your donors and motivate donors to action.

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